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Gateway Rehab is looking for stories of recovery. Your story.

As part of our ongoing marketing and public awareness efforts, we are seeking real testimonials from Gateway Rehab alumni who want to help others by openly telling their powerful stories of recovery. We are looking for leaders in the recovery community who want to become the “face and spirit” of Gateway Rehab.

If you are interested in helping others currently struggling with addiction and you have something to offer, we’d like to speak with you. Please contact us at


  • You must be willing and want to help others.
  • You must consent to having your likeness on a variety of advertising collateral. (TV, print, outdoor, web, etc.)
  • Must be clean or sober for at least a year.
  • Agree to be identified by your first name only
  • Be available to participate in a Gateway Rehab video and/or photo shoot and also be interviewed on camera about your story.
  • Compensation to-be-determined will be offered to those who participate
  • You do not necessarily have to be a graduate of Gateway Rehab, but it is preferred.

As an ambassador of Gateway Rehab, you will be portrayed in a positive light as having the courage to recover and help others struggling with their own addiction. We are very interested in your new purpose for living.