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“I was to the point where all I was doing was laying in bed with a pack of beer. I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t function.”

Hopeless. This was where Beverly found herself not long ago before arriving at Gateway Rehab. 

Alcohol was all Beverly had ever known. She began drinking at the age of 12, born to two parents who also drank. Throughout her life it progressed into an addiction, one she coped with for many years. Over time her addiction escalated to the point where she had to drink only to curb her withdrawal symptoms. Eventually even this stopped working; there was not enough she could consume to halt the symptoms. It was then that Beverly accepted she needed help.

She decided to call UPMC, her insurance provider, who referred her to Gateway Rehab. Gateway sent a car through Uber Health to get Beverly so she did not have to drive and admitted her to inpatient treatment. 

After spending 28 days in our inpatient program, Beverly’s life had started to change. 

“It was a fantastic experience all the way through. Everyone was so kind and caring.”

Beverly knew if she continued in her addiction, she would die. She reached out in desperation, and left with hope for a brighter future, free from addiction. 

Detox is often an emotional and painful experience, but thankfully the staff surrounding Beverly were able to walk her through every step of the way, providing comfort amidst difficulty.

“They nurtured me. There was a lot of emotions going through detox, all the emotions that had been numbed by alcohol came out.”

At Gateway Rehab we have a variety of programming to help patients deal with mental health and trauma that often come out in recovery. Some of the most impactful moments in Beverly’s time at Gateway was music therapy and group therapy. Beverly really enjoyed group therapy sessions because she was able to listen to other people’s stories. This made her realize that although everyone comes from different backgrounds, there is a community of individuals who  have similar struggles that allow people to help and encourage each other. 

“Acceptance is a huge part of recovery, Gateway taught me that. Gateway gave me all the tools I needed. I will always be grateful to Gateway.”

One of the largest challenges Beverly says is that alcohol is not illegal. Alcohol is everywhere you go, often encourage, and it seems you cannot get away from it. Living in recovery has been a huge culture change for her. She says that without support, she would not be where she is today.

“It is so important to have structured support. You cannot do it on your own no matter how strong you are. Addiction is powerful.”

Despite challenges, Beverly says she does not even feel tempted anymore. Working through her addiction with Gateway, being provided with tools, and being a part of a supportive community, Beverly is continuing to walk strongly down her recovery road. 

“My whole adult life alcohol was my friend. It almost becomes like a person. Now it doesn’t even phase me. At the beginning it was hard. You need constant support, and Gateway gave that to me.”

Beverly continues to participate in outpatient sessions to remain engaged and receive ongoing support in her recovery journey. After living in alcohol addiction from age 12 to age 61, Beverly is now celebrating 1 year of sobriety! Congratulations Beverly, keep up the great work! 

For anyone else who may be struggling with an addiction, Beverly leaves you with these words.

“There is hope out there for anybody. Alcohol was all I knew. Both of my parents drank. I came from alcohol. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”