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Substance Misuse Program Near Me

Substance Misuse Support Programs

For many decades, Gateway Rehab has pioneered progressive and comprehensive treatment models, helping to free countless people from the anguish of substance use disorders. This includes the family, friends, and even employers of those struggling with addiction. We firmly believe that substance misuse disorder is a family disease, and has devastating physical, emotional, and financial effects on our communities. 

We are proud to offer a number of specialized programs to help employers and students learn about the disease of addiction, and implement strategies to ensure healthy, drug-free spaces at school, home, and work. Our Employee Assistance Program, Student Assistance Program, and workplace substance misuse training are the best in the Western Pennsylvania region. 

Through respect for the individual, a reverence for life, and unwavering belief in the promise of every human being, Gateway Rehab offers a life-changing opportunity to anyone who walks through our doors. Contact us today to learn more about which substance misuse support program is right for you.

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Substance Abuse Support Programs

Leading Substance Misuse Treatment Center

Employee & Student Assistance

At Gateway Rehab, we are proud to offer two specialized programs to help employers and students  handle substance misuse issues, Back on Track, and the Student Assistance Program (SAP). 

Back on Track is our employee assistance program (EAP). An EAP can help an employer reduce human and economic loss, and will collaborate with human resources or other company stakeholders to make services visible, responsive, and user friendly. We help employers tackle a variety of personal challenges, including: 

  • Relationship conflicts
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Substance misuse
  • Finding quality services for changing needs

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a school-based approach to providing prevention education and early interventions to students about substance misuse and mental health issues--two issues that can block a student’s path to academic success. 

Community-Based Education 

Substance Misuse Training for Your Workplace

Another important service offered at Gateway Rehab is community-based training by way of the workforce. A healthy workforce leads to a healthy workplace. Teamwork, communication, respect, and productivity all improve when your employees are motivated, focused, and drug-free. Gateway Rehab’s Work Drug-Free program provides companies, large and small, with the training needed to create such an environment.

We believe that through training, organizations can face substance misuse head-on, and offer their employees the help they need to fight addiction. Here are the five steps you can take to ensure a drug-free workplace:

  • Written Policy
  • Employee Education
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Drug Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an EAP?

Back on Track EAP can help an employer: 

  • Lower employee absenteeism
  • Decrease turnover rates
  • Reduce economic losses
  • Boost productivity
  • Improve engagement among employees
  • Enhance company morale

How does the SAP benefit students?

The SAP program is a very important tool in: 

  • Removing barriers to learning 
  • Demonstrating personal and academic support
  • Lowering suicide rates
  • Ensuring mental illnesses get treated 

How much does substance misuse cost the workplace?

Every year, substance misuse in the workplace costs U.S. businesses approximately $81 billion.

Are substance misuse support programs right for me?

Whether you are an employer, a student, or simply a concerned loved one, substancemisusesupport programs are an excellent way to educate yourself about substance misuse disorder and its impact on communities. To learn more information, contact a team member at Gateway Rehab today. We are happy to connect you with the resources that are best suited to your needs.