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Long Term Rehab Facilities 

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Gateway Rehab offers housing programs in Western PA to help you or a loved one make a fresh start. After completion of primary drug and alcohol treatment, it is critical that those in the beginning stages of recovery continue to seek and receive support and encouragement in the right environment to ensure long-term alcoholism recovery. 

Gateway Rehab’s housing programs for men and women 18 and up provide a supportive home environment where you can practice daily recovery skills. Many of our patients have jobs, attend school, or participate in community service activities. In our extended care houses, those in recovery are not only immersed in a stable, substance-free living environment, they are surrounded by a community of people committed to sobriety. 

From your first day to your last, all of your treatment at Gateway is tailored to your individual, unique needs. If you are looking for a residential substance misuse treatment center, Gateway Rehab is the place to be. Contact us today to learn more information about our extended care programs. 

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Drug Rehab Extended Care

Men’s Recovery Center

Male Extended Care - Moffett House

At Gateway Rehab, we understand and acknowledge that those who have been through primary drug and alcohol treatment need continued support. If a patient has completed treatment but has no access to housing, employment, or food, it makes it extremely difficult to reintegrate into society. Moreover, it can drastically increase the likelihood of relapse. 

Gateway Rehab is committed to providing safe and quality extended care for male and female patients. Our male housing unit, Moffett House, provides men ages 18 and over with safe, clean, and drug-free temporary housing. In a sober living community, patients are able to enjoy more freedom than they had in detox. Our clinicians perform regular drug testing and provide behavioral counseling to ensure that each patient stays clean, sober, and on the recovery path. Our continuing goal at Gateway Rehab for our patients is for them to achieve full and lasting recovery, however they may accomplish this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sober living house?

A sober living house, sometimes known as a halfway house, is a transitional living facility for individuals in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The residents in these facilities have already undergone a treatment program, and are required to stay sober during the duration of the time they live there. However, a sober living house is less restrictive and provides more freedom than inpatient treatment programs. 

Can I still work while living there?

Absolutely. In fact, many Gateway Rehab patients living in our housing units continue to go to work, attend school, and participate in community events during their time in our sober living houses. 

What is the purpose of a sober living house?

The thought of going back home after treatment isn’t comforting to everyone. For many patients, returning to their original living situation would mean immersing themselves in a triggering, unsupportive, or unsafe environment. Sober living houses are wonderful options for those who are not ready to transition to life at home and are committed to maintaining sobriety in a safe, supportive environment.

Is extended care recovery right for me?

If you or a loved one have undergone primary treatment for alcohol or substance use disorder and are unsure of what to do next, contact us. We are more than happy to discuss our extended care programs and guide you towards a post-treatment plan that works best for your needs.