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Alcohol and Substance Misuse Program

Addiction Center of Excellence

Gateway Rehab is recognized by the state of Pennsylvania’s department of human services as an Opioid Use Disorder Center of Excellence. This recognition allows our organization to offer more comprehensive programming for addiction treatment in the Greater Pittsburgh area. As one of 45 designated legacy Centers of Excellence across the state, Gateway Rehab provides addiction therapy to individuals suffering from opioid use disorder and provides specialized care coordination.

We believe that recovery from addiction should be accessible and affordable to everyone. Our Center of Excellence is administered through our Care Coordination Program, which puts comprehensive recovery plans into action for people who are receiving Medicaid.

From there, we work to ensure that people with opioid-related substance use disorders have access to treatment, as well as follow-up care and support from their communities. Care is team-based and “whole person” focused, with the explicit goal of integrating behavioral health and primary care. If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid dependency, don’t delay. Start your journey to recovery with us today. 

Request Peer Recovery Support

Center of Excellence

Pennsylvania’s Addiction Recovery Experts

Community-Based Peer Support

Once enrolled into the COE, an evaluation of treatment and non-treatment needs is completed for each patient. Whether you need MAT, housing, or a primary care doctor, we will connect you to the right resources. 

Along with comprehensive care management and coordination, a person will receive: 

  • Transitional, follow-up care for one year
  • Family support
  • Referral to community and social support services
  • Peer-to-peer support from certified recovery specialists

Program Eligibility:

  • Medical assistance coverage; Must have an Opioid Use Disorder diagnosis
  • Commercial Aetna coverage; Allows for any Substance Use Disorder diagnosis
  • Do not have to be receiving treatment or enrolled in another Gateway Rehab program

Pittsburgh’s Top-Rated Rehab

Hospital-Based Recovery Specialists

In the event that a patient is hospitalized for complications related to their substance use disorder, our hospital-based team will be there to ensure that they receive the proper level of care for a successful transitional care or discharge. Our clinicians are trained to help patients undergo detox safely, under medical supervision. We can arrange transportation from the hospital to one of our facilities, and arrange for a smooth transition into MAT, counseling, and any other service that is needed for the specific patient at the time.

Whether you’re coming from work, home, school, or the hospital, we’re here for you. We will meet with our patients at least once a month for a face-to-face visit to see how they are doing and help them connect with any ongoing resources that they may need. 

Fanners of the Flame

By Scott D. Carpenter, Certified Recovery Specialist

When darkness has enveloped you
And you’ve nowhere else to turn
When the light that once filled your eyes
Has ebbed and ceased to burn

When days no longer offer warmth
And you can’t get past the shame
We’ll be here to revive the glow
We’re the Fanners of the Flame

Know you need not walk alone
On this journey you’ve been given
We understand this current brand
Of Hell in which you live in

Frigid with uncertainty
In caverns wrought with gloom
Those feelings of helplessness
Of ever-pending doom

Past images of ourselves
How we were sickened by the sight
Have been replaced with nobleness
Our spirits now burn bright

And all of this waits for you
This passion-fueled desire
All it takes is willingness
To reignite your fire

Now that it is stoked and fed
Your glow is now restored
Yet don’t lose light of the fact
Of lessons there are more

A secret that is not well known
With you it’s this we share
We’re not concerned ‘cause it’s our job
It’s our job because we care

Now keep the blaze well maintained
Time’s winds can change direction
You must nourish it with patience
Don’t worry of perfection

Our lives they now know radiance
It’s time for yours to know the same
And we’ll be here standing watch
We’re the Fanners of the Flame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs and symptoms of opioid misuse?

  • Noticeable euphoria
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Constricted pupils
  • Slowed breathing
  • Intermittent nodding off or loss of consciousness
  • Constipation
  • Doctor shopping to get prescriptions from more than one doctor
  • Dramatic changes in mood
  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Extra pill bottles in the trash
  • Sudden financial problems

How do you treat opioid use disorder?

Gateway Rehab offers multiple Medication Assisted Treatment options following the guidelines of the American Association of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Medications currently utilized include:

  • Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Sublocade)
  • Naltrexone (Vivitrol, ReVia)

How can I enroll in the Gateway Rehab Center of Excellence?

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us, or schedule a televisit.  We realize that sometimes picking up the phone and calling someone for help may be difficult, but we’re here to help and assist those that may feel hopeless, helpless, and don’t know where else to turn.

Who is eligible for treatment?

Anyone who is diagnosed with an opioid use disorder and is uninsured or receiving medical assistance. A person does not have to be receiving treatment from Gateway Rehab.