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A Look at our Past Events

Building Recovery Leaders: Conference Series

Thank you for joining us in the Spring to learn about the OUD Center of Excellence and the benefits of a peer-to-peer program in behavioral health!

IMG-0418.jpeg (IMG-0418.webp)IMG-0431.jpeg (IMG-0431.webp)

Thank you for joining us in the Fall to learn about medications to treat Opioid Use Disorder!

20221028_151524603_iOS.jpeg (20221028_151524603_iOS.webp)20221028_140231340_iOS.jpeg (20221028_140231340_iOS.webp)20221028_133028932_iOS.jpeg (20221028_133028932_iOS.webp)

Annual Sporting Clay Shoot

Thank you for joining us for our first annual Sporting Clay Shoot! Together, we raised over $20,000 net to support Gateway’s holistic therapy programs including music therapy, art counseling and adventure-based counseling.

clayshoot_1.jpeg (clayshoot_1.webp)Clay_shoot_3.jpeg (Clay_shoot_3.webp)clayshoot.jpeg (clayshoot.webp)

Annual Pittsburgh Recovery Walk

Thank you for walking with Gateway Rehab to celebrate the many roads to recovery from addiction!

Walk3.jpeg (Walk3.webp)Walk.jpeg (Walk.webp)

50th Anniversary Gratitude Hour

Thank you for joining us to celebrate 50 years of providing services to the community! We look forward to a bright future to come! Together, we raised $29,000 net to support Gateway’s programs!

50th.jpeg (50th.webp)50th4.jpeg (50th4.webp)

Outpatient Open House Events

Thank you for joining us at the following sites to learn more about Gateway's services! 

Gateway - Green Tree

image_2_0uEkvx3.jpeg (image_2_nq0pU2d.webp)

Gateway and Greenbriar - North Hills

20221007_163854909_iOS.jpeg (20221007_163854909_iOS.webp)20221007_173156213_iOS.jpeg (20221007_173156213_iOS.webp)

Behavioral Health Professionals Appreciation

In February, we welcomed Gateway/Greenbriar staff and behavioral health community partners to join us for a wellness day. Thank you for the work you do every day in our community! Thank you to our wellness vendors who made the day special!

20230208_220847085_iOS.jpeg (20230208_220847085_iOS.webp)20230208_221448391_iOS.jpeg (20230208_221448391_iOS.webp)20230208_195149909_iOS.jpeg (20230208_195149909_iOS.webp)

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For questions about events, including volunteering and sponsorship, contact:
Amy Metz