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Inpatient Rehabilitation: Phase Two of a Lifetime Journey to Recovery

Inpatient rehabilitation is phase two of recovery. The first phase of addiction recovery is medically assisted detoxification, a closely monitored process that helps rid your body of harmful substances and manages your withdrawal symptoms. Once you’ve walked bravely through the symptoms of withdrawal, you are in active recovery. It’s a big moment to be celebrated and a chance to strengthen your resolve as you prepare for phase two of a lifetime journey to recovery: inpatient rehabilitation.  

What are inpatient rehabilitation recovery services?

Inpatient rehabilitation recovery services provide skilled therapy in a rehabilitation facility. It is typically used for those who have more complex rehabilitative needs, which include 24-hour medical care, emotional and psychological support and protection from outside triggers.

During inpatient rehabilitation, residents are able to completely focus on getting well without the distractions or pressures of everyday life. A typical day in residential treatment is carefully scheduled and accounted for to help those in active recovery establish a new routine and healthy habits. Psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists meet with patients individually and in group settings to guide inpatient recovery. A typical inpatient program runs anywhere from 28 days to 6 months and is tailored specifically to your unique needs. Here is what a day at Gateway Rehab might look like:

  • Breakfast
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Lunch
  • Alternative therapies (Gateway offers Music Therapy!)
  • Fitness (Gateway offers an amazing outdoor ropes course and indoor basketball court!)
  • Dinner
  • Group discussion
  • Bedtime

Creating and following a daily or weekly schedule is often an important part of the recovery process for those in active recovery. Continuing to follow a daily routine beyond treatment has shown to encourage abstinence, minimize triggers and assist in the overall recovery process.

The Gateway Rehab inpatient rehabilitation recovery services provide a safe environment in which people can get the medical and emotional support they need around the clock to overcome drug or alcohol abuse. Call 724-218-3896 to learn more or request an assessment.