A Moment with Edie Brozanski:
A UPMC Social Worker and Gateway Rehab Advocate

 At Gateway Rehab, we believe that collaboration builds strong community among us. Working together to solve problems and save lives is our goal day in and day out. With innovative, industry-led initiatives, extensive personal development programs and group sessions that foster healing, our community is the framework that allows us to pave the path to long-term recovery for thousands of patients each year.

Edie Brozanski, a Licensed Social Worker with UPMC Health System, is a valued Gateway partner, referring patients who are struggling with substance use disorder to find the help they desperately seek at Gateway Rehab. 

About Edie

Edie has been working with UPMC Community Medicine as a Licensed Social Worker for 4 years. She works collaboratively with about 80 doctors in her network, across numerous medical offices. Her work with patients is on a medical and psychological level where she provides short term medical care, counseling, resources, tools and techniques to overcome life’s obstacles. 

What’s most important when considering a rehab center for patients? 

For Edie, it starts with patients feeling comfortable enough to build a rapport with the doctors and staff members. “If a person has never been to rehab before, they can be scared. Gateway makes patients feel at ease right away. I felt it during my first visit there. The patients were comfortable and doing well,” Edie said. “Patients need to know that they have someone who is there for them. This is going to be their home for a while. It could be their home for as long as 120 days, so, it’s important for them to feel acclimated to their new environment.” Another aspect that’s important to Edie is consistent and available communication with loved ones. “It is important that patients feel safe and secure, and if a call home is what puts them at ease, Gateway supports that.” 

How did you learn about Gateway Rehab?

Edie first heard about Gateway’s positive patient outcomes long before her tenure with UPMC. She connected with Gateway on a more professional level when she met with Lily Brindle, a representative for Gateway. After visiting Gateway for a tour and understanding the trusted inpatient and outpatient centers, Edie left with an overwhelming positive feeling about all that she had experienced. She simply stated, “Gateway is a remarkable place for people to heal and recover.” From that point forward, Edie knew that she would be referring patients to Gateway.

How is Gateway Rehab different than other facilities?

In her own words, Edie noted, “The way the patients are treated, with respect and dignity, is above and beyond. The rate of relapse is lower with Gateway which is remarkable. They really care about the patient’s aftercare. They also use some of the most innovative medical assisted treatments. Sometimes people can’t make it to full recovery in 30 days. They need a longer period to heal and recover. They’ve been through a lot. Gateway is just so comprehensive in all parts of their care; I can’t say that enough.”

What else makes Gateway special?

“Age differential can play a pivotal role in recovery. At Gateway there is age-specific lodging for inpatient care and different forms of communication between doctor and patient. They truly care about each patient’s road to recovery.” Another thing that stands out to Edie is Gateway’s overall level of care. “If a patient shows up sick, while suffering from their substance use disorder, Gateway cares about all aspects of their physical and mental wellbeing. It's extraordinary how they will treat patients for their illness, making that the most important in-the-moment duty, then moving forward with their recovery treatment plan once the patient is healed.”

It is often said that there is no better gift than that of a referral. We appreciate the level of trust Edie and all of our referring professionals have in Gateway Rehab. Together we can change lives and help those struggling with substance use disorder.

Tell us about your experience referring patients to Gateway.

“The process is easy. I call them and they are on it and excited to help right away,” Edie shared. “Instead of a stack of paperwork to complete, Gateway staff speaks one-on-one with the referring party to understand the needs of the patient, another element of personal touch.” When patients begin “change talk,” Edie goes through her motivational interviewing process and knows that it is time for their referral to Gateway.

Patients are collaboratively part of the referral process. This is a life milestone for the patient, so they need to know that they are being cared for every step of the way. Knowing what Gateway has to offer, Edie confidently talks her patients through the different options and, together, choose what’s best for their specific situation.

If you know patients or colleagues who are struggling with addiction, reach out to us today. We are ready to help them turn over a new leaf on their journey to long-term recovery.