Outpatient Care

Gateway Rehab’s outpatient service enables those who struggle with drugs and/or alcohol to easily maintain their daily routines.


We allow patients to improve their lives by giving the help they need within the comfort of their own surroundings, whether living in their home or the home of a close friend or relative.

We put our patients first. So as a convenience for those who walk through our door, Gateway Rehab offers outpatient care at the following times:

  • Five days per week
  • Six hours per day (partial hospitalization)
  • Three-hour sessions, three times per week (intensive outpatient)
  • Weekly aftercare group sessions (free of charge)

Therapy sessions are offered with the individual alone or within a group or family setting, whichever the patient preferion s or finds best to make a full recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT, is also offered at our Squirrel Hill, Robinson, Green Tree and Greensburg outpatient facilities.. 

If you would like to learn more about outpatient care at Gateway Rehab, contact us today.

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